The entrance to Agodi Gardens, Ibadan has been transformed into a celebrated and inviting opening into the wide range of exciting activities within. Both vehicular and pedestrian access has been supported, with 115 parking bays and a stop & go facility, encouraging the use of the Park by a wide client base. Agodi Gardens is well positioned to become a well-enjoyed landmark for the people of Ibadan.

The design of the restaurant is such that it sits lightly upon the Landscape. Flowing, organic walls and the use of natural materials such as timber and stone, blends the restaurant into its surrounds. Its modulated form and clean lines showcases its contemporary architectural expression. The restaurant’s internal and external spaces open up towards the scenic views of the grounds, adding the magic of the park to a visitors dining experience.

 Entrance vision sketches 


Agodi-Garden-Entrance-Perspective-1Main Entrance




Picnic areas